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The H Family – Lifestyle Photography – Westminster, Colorado


Meet the H family!  I was so pleased to meet them!  We had a lovely time hanging out together in this beautiful open space.  I was thrilled that the children were not shy and comfortable in front of the camera.  And the fall colours surrounded them to make a beautiful setting for this session.


DSC00360DSC00372DSC00377DSC00384DSC00385DSC00388DSC00394DSC00413DSC00427DSC00436DSC00451DSC00460 - Version 2DSC00473

Sometimes, younger siblings can love you too much!!!  🙂


Aren’t these guys a riot!!!

DSC00556DSC00566DSC00584DSC00596 - Version 2

Thank you so much dear H family for asking me to do this session!

‘Till next time!  Ciao!

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LDS Missionary Photography – Sister C


My niece entered the Missionary Training Center last Wednesday.  She will be serving a full time mission for our Church in Baltimore, Maryland.   I had the privilege to take a few photos in January.  It was a very cold day but it was so much fun!  Love love love  snow sessions!!!

DSC06716DSC06682 - Version 2DSC06711DSC06473DSC06484DSC06692DSC06661DSC06621DSC06643DSC06573DSC06582DSC06562DSC06527DSC06539DSC06526DSC06512DSC06522DSC06493DSC06495DSC06489

See you in 18 months dear sister C  🙂

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The B Family – A Family photo session – Lifestyle Photography – Westminster, Colorado


I am so blessed.

I get to meet wonderful families.  I get to spend a very small slice of their lives.  And I get to capture it with my camera.  Some people say they are lucky.  I don’t believe in luck.  So I believe I am blessed.

DSC07330DSC07334DSC07338 - Version 2 (1)DSC07341

I have no rules during a session.  I love to let kids be kids.  I ask them questions.  Tell me about your friend.  Tell me about your mom and dad.  And I get to know them a little bit.

DSC07358DSC07365DSC07371DSC07382DSC07402DSC07414DSC07418DSC07423DSC07426DSC07428DSC07440DSC07442DSC07444DSC07446DSC07455DSC07456 - Version 2DSC07465DSC07473 (1)DSC07477DSC07485DSC07503 - Version 2DSC07507DSC07508 - Version 2DSC07515DSC07532DSC07536DSC07540DSC07546 - Version 2

Thank you so much B family for asking me to do this session!   Thrilled to have been able to spend some time with you and get to know you a little bit.  Thanks to Sara for allowing her kids to bring their personalities!

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The V Family | Erie, Colorado | Family Lifestyle Photography


Meet the V Family.  I got to spend a little bit of time in their lovely home, hanging out with the boys so I could get to know them a little better.  This was two years ago.  Back then, I would maybe do one session/month so I had lots of time to meet new clients.  Well, I have been tremendously blessed and I am now doing, on average, 2 sessions/week.  All through word of mouth and social media. I don’t advertise anywhere and I don’t need to.  I am as busy as I am happy to be.  I have to say that I do miss those “getting to know you” sessions at home.  But I am also thrilled that I am busy and getting to know so many families!


Love that dirty face!!


DSC03351DSC03360DSC03362DSC03366DSC03370 - Version 2DSC03668DSC03685DSC03713DSC03732 (1)DSC03745DSC03768DSC03807 - Version 2DSC03819 - Version 2DSC03838DSC03847DSC03860 - Version 2DSC03880 - Version 2DSC03888DSC03908DSC03702 - Version 2

Thanks again so much dear V family for asking me to do this session when very few people knew me as a photographer.  And for bringing your personalities.  For being such an awesome family!

Big hugs!


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The D Family – Westminster, Co

Can you stand one more cold & wintery session?  I know it’s spring out there and we can’t wait for warmer weather but I have really enjoyed these winter sessions.  So sit back and enjoy!DSC04851DSC04859DSC04865DSC04875 - Version 2DSC04881DSC04887DSC04891DSC04901 - Version 2DSC04913DSC04917 - Version 2DSC04927DSC04932 - Version 3DSC04953DSC04962DSC04968DSC04974DSC05008DSC05009

Thanks again dear D family for asking me to do this session!  And for smiling even though it was just so cold!!

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