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LDS Missionary Photography – Sister C


My niece entered the Missionary Training Center last Wednesday.  She will be serving a full time mission for our Church in Baltimore, Maryland.   I had the privilege to take a few photos in January.  It was a very cold day but it was so much fun!  Love love love  snow sessions!!!

DSC06716DSC06682 - Version 2DSC06711DSC06473DSC06484DSC06692DSC06661DSC06621DSC06643DSC06573DSC06582DSC06562DSC06527DSC06539DSC06526DSC06512DSC06522DSC06493DSC06495DSC06489

See you in 18 months dear sister C  🙂

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The B Family – A Family photo session – Lifestyle Photography – Westminster, Colorado


I am so blessed.

I get to meet wonderful families.  I get to spend a very small slice of their lives.  And I get to capture it with my camera.  Some people say they are lucky.  I don’t believe in luck.  So I believe I am blessed.

DSC07330DSC07334DSC07338 - Version 2 (1)DSC07341

I have no rules during a session.  I love to let kids be kids.  I ask them questions.  Tell me about your friend.  Tell me about your mom and dad.  And I get to know them a little bit.

DSC07358DSC07365DSC07371DSC07382DSC07402DSC07414DSC07418DSC07423DSC07426DSC07428DSC07440DSC07442DSC07444DSC07446DSC07455DSC07456 - Version 2DSC07465DSC07473 (1)DSC07477DSC07485DSC07503 - Version 2DSC07507DSC07508 - Version 2DSC07515DSC07532DSC07536DSC07540DSC07546 - Version 2

Thank you so much B family for asking me to do this session!   Thrilled to have been able to spend some time with you and get to know you a little bit.  Thanks to Sara for allowing her kids to bring their personalities!

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The V Family | Erie, Colorado | Family Lifestyle Photography


Meet the V Family.  I got to spend a little bit of time in their lovely home, hanging out with the boys so I could get to know them a little better.  This was two years ago.  Back then, I would maybe do one session/month so I had lots of time to meet new clients.  Well, I have been tremendously blessed and I am now doing, on average, 2 sessions/week.  All through word of mouth and social media. I don’t advertise anywhere and I don’t need to.  I am as busy as I am happy to be.  I have to say that I do miss those “getting to know you” sessions at home.  But I am also thrilled that I am busy and getting to know so many families!


Love that dirty face!!


DSC03351DSC03360DSC03362DSC03366DSC03370 - Version 2DSC03668DSC03685DSC03713DSC03732 (1)DSC03745DSC03768DSC03807 - Version 2DSC03819 - Version 2DSC03838DSC03847DSC03860 - Version 2DSC03880 - Version 2DSC03888DSC03908DSC03702 - Version 2

Thanks again so much dear V family for asking me to do this session when very few people knew me as a photographer.  And for bringing your personalities.  For being such an awesome family!

Big hugs!


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The D Family – Westminster, Co

Can you stand one more cold & wintery session?  I know it’s spring out there and we can’t wait for warmer weather but I have really enjoyed these winter sessions.  So sit back and enjoy!DSC04851DSC04859DSC04865DSC04875 - Version 2DSC04881DSC04887DSC04891DSC04901 - Version 2DSC04913DSC04917 - Version 2DSC04927DSC04932 - Version 3DSC04953DSC04962DSC04968DSC04974DSC05008DSC05009

Thanks again dear D family for asking me to do this session!  And for smiling even though it was just so cold!!

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The B Family – Broomfield, CO


Another cold November day.  There wasn’t much snow on the ground but it was very cold.  So cold, that after just a few minutes, they all had rosy cheeks.  I didn’t edit the pictures to add that.  No, they earned those red cheeks!


Mom brought hot cocoa, hoping that would keep the kids warm.  Well, it was just too cold so we decided to end the session early.


This was my first time meeting this sweet family.  I feel bad our time was so short but it was too cold and the snow was coming down quite a bit.   However, I do love the snow and how beautiful these pictures turned out.

Thanks B Family for asking me to do this session!  Thanks for being so patient and awesome!

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