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The B Family – Broomfield, CO


Another cold November day.  There wasn’t much snow on the ground but it was very cold.  So cold, that after just a few minutes, they all had rosy cheeks.  I didn’t edit the pictures to add that.  No, they earned those red cheeks!


Mom brought hot cocoa, hoping that would keep the kids warm.  Well, it was just too cold so we decided to end the session early.


This was my first time meeting this sweet family.  I feel bad our time was so short but it was too cold and the snow was coming down quite a bit.   However, I do love the snow and how beautiful these pictures turned out.

Thanks B Family for asking me to do this session!  Thanks for being so patient and awesome!

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The B Family – Westminster, CO


I got to meet this family for the first time, on a very cold morning, last November.  It was about 8 F/ -13 C.  They didn’t want to wear their heavy coats for the session so I thought, if we go to this outside mall, they can go in to warm up whenever they needed to.   So, this wasn’t a lifestyle session because that is hard to do under these weather conditions.  However, they were awesome!  Patient.  Pretended it was warm, even though it just so wasn’t!!!


See that closed fist?  She’s not mad.  She’s just really cold!  My fingers were freezing too!


Siblings will make you smile.  One way or another.

DSC04826DSC04829DSC04842DSC04679DSC04686DSC04688DSC04689DSC04696DSC04701DSC04709DSC04710DSC04717DSC04720 - Version 2DSC04730 - Version 2

Thanks so much B Family for asking me to do this session!  It was so fun getting to know you!

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The D Family – Lifestyle Photography – Westminster, Colorado


The D Family and I met on a very snowy day.  In fact, we almost had to cancel because it was snowing so hard.  But we waited a while and the snow lit up and we decide to give it a shot.  We were able to hang out for almost an hour!  Oh how awesome it was!


I can’t thank the D family enough for asking me to do this session!  Snow session are my favourite!  They really are!  And I think they had just a wee bit of fun!

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Jumping for Snow and a Little Bump – November 2014

I met V&W last year ( you can see their session here

I was thrilled when they invited me over for a maternity session!  Woohoo! And snow showed up again!  I never use overlays.

DSC05461 - Version 2DSC05460 - Version 2DSC05449DSC05446 - Version 2SDSC05438 - Version 2

Some pregnancies are simple.  Others, not so much.

DSC05427 - Version 2DSC05418DSC05399 - Version 2DSC05395 (1)DSC05387DSC05369DSC05367DSC05366DSC05362DSC05352DSC05349DSC05348

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I Shall Call Her… Cinderella


Oh this little lady is so sweet!  And lost one of her shoes several times.  It was just too cute!!!

DSC04041DSC04046DSC04068DSC04070DSC04074DSC04096DSC04098DSC04102DSC04109DSC04110 - Version 2DSC04116DSC04125DSC04126DSC04127DSC04142 - Version 2DSC04144DSC04145DSC04147DSC04163DSC04167 - Version 2DSC04189DSC04197 (1)DSC04207 - Version 2DSC04208DSC04218DSC04238DSC04255 - Version 2DSC04276 - Version 2DSC04289DSC04307DSC04314DSC04320DSC04321DSC04349DSC04354DSC04196 - Version 2

It is always so much fun to hang out with a new family and snap away!  Thanks M family to letting me do this session with you!


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