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Tagging Along

DSC08472 - Version 2

So glad she tagged along ( while doing her sister’s senior session) and agreed to let me do a few shots.  She is simply gorgeous!

DSC08480DSC08468 - Version 2DSC08463DSC08455

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Senior 2015 – Miss C

What can I say?  I love senior sessions.  I had the opportunity to do a few this year and loved everyone of them!  Sharing Miss C’s session done at Chautauqua Park, last fall.DSC08339DSC08344DSC08391DSC08418DSC08424DSC08432DSC08441DSC08486DSC08497DSC08502DSC08511 - Version 2DSC08511

A word about how I edit.  I like to keep the editing as close to reality as possible.  So I don’t tint the eyes and I like to leave texture to the skin.  I love my Sony a99 and the lens that I mostly use is a 70-200mm at 2.8. I also like to use my macro lens for portraits so I use the 100mm at 2.8 macro lens to capture amazing details in the eyes.  I am not a professional photographer.  I am just a mom with a nice camera and lenses.  That’s just me.  That’s just my style.  I have taken pictures of my own kids for the last 24 years.  And before that, I took photography classes in college.  I’ve always preferred lifestyle photography over studio.  Not that there is anything wrong with studio.  It’s like music.  You have country, classical, rock, etc….  Liking one style of music doesn’t mean the other ones are bad.  It’s just a personal preference.  That is how I feel about photography.  And my style really hasn’t changed since my college days.  I am now blessed, however, with the opportunity to take other people’s kids pictures  🙂  And I am very grateful for that!!!  Thank you miss C for asking me to do this session.  Wishing an amazing senior year!!

Until next time.  Ciao!!

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Seniors 2015 – Miss S.

DSC08814 - Version 2

I have known this young lady for many years and I was thrilled when her mom ( a good friend of mine) asked me to do a session.  She is now a senior!  Oh dear!  I sound like my mom when I say that time flies by way too fast!

DSC08828DSC08829 - Version 2DSC08858DSC08859 - Version 2DSC08891DSC08894DSC08910 - Version 2DSC08926DSC08934DSC08951 - Version 2DSC08963DSC08985 - Version 2

She is such a natural in front of the camera!  How fun it was to hang out with her!!!  Wishing her an awesome senior year!!

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The C Family – Huntsville, Utah Family Photographer

Huntsville is a small town in Utah.  We go there every year, in the summer time.  This sweet family is my DH’s brother & wife.  Needless to say, I have a blast every time they ask me to do a photo session!DSC01750DSC01753DSC01767DSC01773DSC01777DSC01783DSC01787DSC01806DSC01818DSC01847 - Version 2DSC01866DSC01887DSC01953 - Version 2

Thanks T&K for asking me to do this session.  You guys are always so patient!  And I think the kids had just a little bit of fun!

‘Till next time.  Ciao!

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