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The “W” Family – Fall 2012

Well, it’s been very quiet around here these last few months.  I was so busy with photo sessions and editing, I had to put the blog on hold.


So, here we are at the end of 2013 and I really wanted to finish posting my 2012 sessions.  I have one more.


Such a blessing to work with this family.  Super easy to work with and just plain delightful!


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Thanks W Family for letting me spend a fun late afternoon with you.  You guys are awesome!!!

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Get to Know You Session with The W Family


It is so neat to meet a new family.  They decided they would make cookies. Lots of giggles and flour!


I have said it before, I just don’t like overly edited eyes that look like aliens.  With that said, after downloading the pictures on my computer and editing them, my jaw dropped when I saw this one.  It looked really good on my camera viewer but nothing like this!!  I only sharpened it a bit and added a little contrast.  That’s it!! The light was perfect and just the right angle too!  And my trusty 50mm lens helped capture this beauty.

Will post the family session very soon.  This is my last fall 2012 session to post!!!


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The M Family – Fall 2012

I so enjoyed meeting this family and spending an hour or so with them at the park.  Lots of love and giggles here!!

Thanks M Family for asking me to do this session!  Can’t wait to do it again!!!

‘Till next time!


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Saturday Morning Princesses

As part of my “get to know you” session  with this family, I met one princess in full costume, the other in her PJs.

Don’t you love Saturday mornings?

Will post the family session very soon.

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The D Family – Fall 2012

What do you get when the lighting is just right, the location is mucho awesome and you have the sweetest family out there?  You get an awesome session, that’s what you get!!!

I am not a big fan of “extreme eyes editing”.  Sometimes, the eyes are so edited, people look like aliens!!  With that said, these little guys had the most amazing blue eyes.  And I do have a great 50mm lens. And lighting was awesome.  And with certain angles, you catch great details. And I shoot in RAW.  So, with minimal editing here ( I only sharpened just a bit), I get these results.  Just had to share.

Thanks D Family for letting me hang out with you and take these photos!

‘Till next time!


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