Sometimes all we have are pictures of someone or a special place. We easily forget, but the pictures remind us and bring us back to those moments we don’t want to forget.

I used to only take pictures of my family at Christmas, birthdays and Halloween, maybe Easter. That was back when we used film and it was expensive to develop the pictures and they took a lot of space.

Now I take pictures, a lot of pictures, all the time - and my kids are so glad when I take pictures of other people, at least they get a break. 

I took photography classes in college back in 1986, a long time ago. I needed something lighter than my regular classes. Now I’m a registered dental hygienist and still love it after all these years.

What I love most is capturing real life, not just the holidays or birthdays - day to day life.

I share these photos with you, hoping to inspire you to do the same. Take more photos. Time flies so fast. I know. My oldest is in his late 20’s. Not sure how that happened.

So glad I took pictures. Now go and do the same!